Zoom Meeting: Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 11 am

This was held as a Zoom meeting.

Topic: My Thinking Concerning Nature, Reason and Freemasonry

Presenter: Hector Mujica was born in Chile. He graduated from the University of Chile and is a certified teacher in Biology and Physical Education in Chile and Virginia. He received his Master of Science degree from Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine as a Pathology Specialist. He had the unique opportunity to represent the University of Chile while working for the Columbia University Lamont Geological Observatory on two Antarctic expeditions (# 13 & # 14) in 1964 on board the US Antarctic Research Oceanographic ship Eltanin. Much later now in the USA, he joined the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary in 1987. Brother Mujica was initiated as an Entered Apprentice in 1968 at Bernardo O’Higgins Lodge #79 in Santiago under the Grand Lodge of Chile operating under Francmasonry. He also was a Scottish Rite mason in the Valley of Nunoa in Chile. He also was a Scottish Rite Mason in the valley of Nunoa in Chile. He was later raised again as a Master Mason in Virginia. Brother Mujica joined Henry Lodge #57. He is a member of the A. Douglas Smith Lodge of Research #1949, and a member of Alexandria Washington Lodge #22.

He affiliated with the Alexandria Valley in 2008 and was the Coordinator and Instructor for the Valley’s Master Craftsman Program. He received the rank and decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honour in 2013, he was the Degree Master for the Fifth Degree until 2019, he also served as the Master of Kadosh of the Alexander Consistory Chapter.

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