Festive Board on Monday, August 5, 2019 starting at 6:30 pm

You are cordially invited to the annual Festive Board celebration of the Maryland Masonic Research Society at 6:30 p.m. August 5, 2019, in Columbia, MD.  There is plenty of parking for guests.

This is an open meeting, everyone is welcome —  you do not need to be a Mason to attend.

The Muses Threnodie in Context will be presented by Bro.Ed Johnson and PP of MMRS. This presentation examines Henry Adamson’s suggestions that the Brethren of the Rosie Cross have the Mason word. The subject passage is frequently quoted, but rarely is the passage explored in depth and placed in the appropriate context. The appropriate context includes the historical period, the poem in its entirety, the background of the author, and the background of the people in the author’s environment. Additionally, the presentation will address this context, and in the course of doing so demonstrate that the subject passage reflects a historical reality rather than a poetic flight of fancy.*Not the same presentation on this topic as previously delivered to MMRS, March 2018.

Please send your RSVP to our Secretary mmrs1979@gmail.com  no later than Monday, June 28th,

Checks can be made payable to Maryland Masonic Research Society and should be received by July 12, 2019 to confirm your attendance at:

Maryland Masonic Research Society
P.O. Box 354
Laurel, MD 20725

Seating is very limited – so get your RSVP in quickly to be on the reservation waitlist that will follow acceptance by our members.

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