MMRS in 2016

This year, the Maryland Masonic Research Society will hold a series of meetings that will emphasize the process of research: how to select a topic and get started, what resources are available, finding sources, and writing a talk or paper.

Four or five times throughout 2016, we plan to have a talk given by either a member or an invited lecturer, as well as spend a short discussion time exploring the mechanics and methods of research. We always have lunch available, and try to meet at lodges around the state.

We also hope to expand the resources provided to our members, including bibliographies on specific topics (where to start reading, essentially), a larger selection of papers and sources, as well as lists of resources available through other groups.

Please consider helping us this year, either by presenting a talk, working with others to write a bibliography, or just by attending a couple of our meetings.

Membership cards have just been sent to those that have paid their dues for 2016. All funds help our efforts to provide these talks and resources, so please be sure to pay your dues as soon as possible.

The winter meeting will be announced soon, once the location is confirmed. I hope to see you there!

Chuck Crossett
President, MMRS

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