Regular Meeting (via ZOOM) – Saturday, October 10, 2020

Topic: “Daoism and Freemasonry”

This is an examination of Eastern Philosophies, most especially Daoism, and its parallels within the Craft.

Presenter:  Friend, Worshipful Jacob Bressman

Worshipful Brother Bressman is a Past Master of La France Lodge No. 93 and a member of several Lodges under the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. He is currently the Chairman of his Grand Lodge’s Hospitality Committee, and also serves on the Grand Lodge’s Research Lodge Exploratory Committee and Education & Service Committee. In addition to his service within the Blue Lodge, Worshipful Brother Bressman is active in the York Rite, where he is the current High Priest, Deputy Master, and Commander of his respective Royal Arch Chapter, Cryptic Council, and Knight Templar Commandery. Worshipful Brother Bressman is a 32° KCCH in the Scottish Rite’s Southern Jurisdiction, and is a member of several invitational Masonic bodies. Jacob has been to China and the Far East where his study included Chinese philosophy and culture.

Hosted by: MD Masonic Research Society
Time: 12:00 NOON Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Open to All: Members and Non-members(Friends) who wish to attend, please submit your RSVP to our Treasurer, Sharonlee Vogel: In turn, she will provide you with the Meeting ID and password information. Thank you!

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